Riad & Bettina

August 10, 2017

“I have to tell you Bettina, in another context we couldn’t have been friends”

During a class trip in spring 2010, Bettina and Riad met for the first time. Riad was a lebanese refugee in France for 3 years as he has do to flee Tripoli from the war that opposed Lebanon to Israel.
Today, though the relations between Israel and Lebanon are still at the state of war, Bettina and Riad’s blooming friendship seems to have more power than any political conflict or religious divergence. They keep learning from one another, sharing the mutual mutual experiences and go beyond any stereoptype in which they could be stuck in.

Riad greeted us a few days in his Tripoli home to wander around the streets of the city and share some quality family time. He is part of the lebanese youth that wishes to come back home to carry the hope of a generation opening up, traveling and eager for change.