Ramani & Prince Devanandan

October 20, 2017

Ramani and Prince Devanandan have found shelter in New Zealand when their country was still in the midst of the civil war after more than 20 years. She is Tamil, he is Singhalese and both of their communities were killing one another. Despite their cultural and ethnical differences and their families’ disapproval, these two lovebirds decide to unite forever through their shared faith in Christianism.

Prince is a priest of the Methodist Church and plays a pillar role in the conflict mediation to ease relations between Tamils and Singhalese. Following an umpteenth confrontation in which Prince takes on his role of conflict mediator and instigator of a 9-hour long round table, the couple decides to leave Sri Lanka. Enough is enough, and the dangers they are continuously facing are too much to bear.

Pursuing studies in theology in New Zealand, Prince becomes George Armstrong’s student (see latest HoIFT). The young priest finds in his new Kiwi mentor the opportunity to catch up with his struggle for peace. On this new island, with shared problematics (though very different in scale), Ramani and Prince find a certain continuity with their Sri Lankan heritage and their will to make a change as mediators for peace.

Today, they both take full part in the interfaith cooperation to enhance mutual respect and peace.
“You see, when it comes to our personal story, religion has actually been a vector of unity regardless of our cultural, linguistic, and ethnical differences”