The Preparation

From January 2016 to June 2017

Fellowship et Formations

Using the experience of the first two editions, we are lucky to have a year to prepare for this world tour. Since we were selected in January 2016, it has been essential to consolidate a strong and qualified team spirit, ready to leave for a year of challenges, willing to spend time and energy on the preparation of this beautiful project. Our team received numerous special training for the trip : team building weekends, a knowledge-transfer weekend with Interfaith Tour groups 1 & 2, a video-journalist course, a course on nonviolent communication and character study etc. For those trainings we can count on the programm fellows : both formers travelers but also Anne-Laure and Fred who made a world tour (the Faithbook tour),
Coexister executive committee’s members to assume knowledge-transfer, friends who are journalist, graphic designer, cameraman, etc.

Trial weeks under world tour conditions

At the very heart of our learning approach, there are two trial weeks under world tour to anticipate the difficulties and reality on the ground, to deal with travel fatigue, be used to journalistic habits and learn to live together, to build our team spirit.
We went to Sarajevo, the Jerusalem of the Balkans, the past summer, and we are going to New-York in December. During our trial in Sarajevo, we experienced a typical world tour week – Lazare organized the time interspersing it with meetings with diplomats, interviews and visits. Each day Sixtine selected the videos and photos to use in our record of the week. Sami filmed the meetings and captured daily life using GoPro. Bénédicte compiled the questions to use in interviews and kept a record of everyone’s expenses. Each of us practiced our roles under the watchful gaze of our trainers, Samuel Grzybowski (Coexister’s founder and member of Interfaith Tour 1), Victor Grezes (member of Interfaith Tour 1), Maylis Philip (Coexister’s communications director), and Laure Boutteau (Coexister’s local group welfare manager).

Partnerships and communication

Since our selection in January 2015 each of us has been given specific tasks and we have divided our work in four main sectors: communication, documentation, programming, finances.
The decisions are made collectively and each of us is a leader in her/his respective pole. This balance and work- sharing between the four of us has been necessary to start our financing phase: we are now launching our communication plan and crowdfunding in order to reach potential financers and meet people that wish to partner with us.



Weekly video :

Our video material (interviews and our daily life) will be used to produce weekly videos showing us as we go round the world. Each 3 minute video will show our followers what we are doing throughout the year, the best of our meetings and some interview abstract. This will allow to share good practices, and raise awareness. They will be posted on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook to communicate with as many people as possible and so they can be used by local Coexister groups.

Humans of the Interfaith Tour : 

150 faces for 300 days travelling

Once or twice a week we will add a picture to our networks of someone who represents active coexistence around the world. This is based on Brandon Stanton’s work : Humans of New York.
A Tumblr will be dedicated to the project : These photos will then be copied on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Local Coexister groups :

We hope to keep in close contact with local Coexister groups throughout our trip. They
will be the first internet contacts through their Facebook pages. They will then broadcast our weekly videos in over 45 towns in France, Belgium, England and Switzerland. Coexister will support us with training and teach us technical and professional skills. This relationship with the organization will leave us to concentrate on our aim. It will be an invaluable support in achieving our goal.

Social networks :

We will use social networking to share our work and discoveries by showing what we are doing each day. Our primary communication tool will be our Facebook page which will provide real-time data about our current location, cover our travels, share albums and even run Facebook Lives with our followers! Our entire photo album shall be hosted on Flickr.
YouTube will be our main platform for posting weekly videos. We will use Twitter to make a live tweet to share our discussions with our interviewees. On Instagram, we will post photos of the countryside and photos of people we meet. Snapchat will demonstrate who we really are through posts showing what we are actually doing.