The partnerships – and the visibility for our partners

We have decided, as much as possible, to put to the fore those who have decided to follow and help us in a project we believe in, for we attach a particular importance to the fostering of our institutional and private partners.


First of all, we rely on all of the partnerships we are creating with the National Press and TV, as well as on publishers who will expose our trip to the everyday audience. We hope the organisms we have called upon will be enthusiastic enough to closely follow us. Thus, we have in mind to enhance our different partners through our website and social medias.


We are open to discussions about opening partnerships with other organisms, or about more specific obligations regarding the actual nature of the assistance and coverage offered by our partners. We are quiet confident about the visibility of such a project. Before we even started our marketing and communication program on Internet and on social networks, we had already received many requests for further information and therefore created an anticipated mailing list with all of those who want to follow our project throughout the whole year.