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May 18, 2017

4 students are embarking for an interfaith initiatives world tour !

InterFaith Tour, the interfaith initiatives world tour

We – Bénédicte, Sami, Bettina and Eloi – are making the third InterFaith Tour, to study worthwhile interfaith initiatives.
The program is : 20 countries to study in the 5 continents during 7 months, and 2 months of conférences in France and Europe.

A project for 3 social impact :

  • Promoting : interfaith initiatives in the studied countries
  • Connecting : initiatives to each other in order to create a network to exchange good practices
  • Documenting : to encourage research or production of educational contents
  • Education at the heart of the trip

    While interfaith Tours 1 and 2 chose academic research and solutions journalism as their respective themes, Interfaith Tour 3 has chosen education.

    We want to look at school programmes and teaching in each country we visit to see how religion is handled in schools to see if there is a secular approach to religion or whether religion is actually taught and see if questions of individual and other people’s identities are covered.

    InterFaith Tour, the interfaith initiatives world tour,

    IFT is a partnership between Sparknews, & Coexister.

  • Why ?
  • We are convinced that different types of interreligious and interfaith actions are effective tools for peace in the world. The Interfaith Tour’s mission is to shed light on the ones that are efficient. Our project is the result of a collaboration between Sparknews, Coexister, and 4 young members of Coexister of different faiths willing to go on a real human adventure.

  • What for ?
  • We have decided to discover the globe in all its cultural and religious diversity. We wish to find new ways of living together, new ways that enable social cohesion, new ways that would inspire it and bring the most inspiring back to France with us.

    This project is also carried out from A to Z by young people aged 20 to 23 years old.

    We want to prove the world that our generation can and does bring hope in a world that is sometimes hard to seize.

    Card of our travel

    The communications

  • Social networks
  • We will use social networking to share our work and discoveries by showing what we are doing each day.
    Our primary communication tool will be our Facebook page which will provide real-time data about our current location, cover our travels, share albums and even run Facebook Lives with our followers! Our entire photo album shall be hosted on Flickr.
    YouTube will be our main platform for posting weekly videos. We will use Twitter to make a live tweet to share our discussions with our interviewees. On Instagram, we will post photos of the countryside and photos of people we meet. Snapchat will demonstrate who we really are through posts showing what we are actually doing.

  • Weekly video
  • Our video material (interviews and our daily life) will be used to produce weekly videos showing us as we go round the world. Each 3 minute video will show our followers what we are doing throughout the year, the best of our meetings and some interview abstract. This will allow to share good practices, and raise awareness.
    They will be posted on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook to communicate with as many people as possible and so they can be used by local Coexister groups.

  • Humans of the InterFaith Tour  (150 faces for 300 days travelling)
  • Once or twice a week we will add a picture to our networks of someone who represents active coexistence around the world.
    This is based on Brandon Stanton’s work : Humans of New York. A Tumblr will be dedicated to the project :
    These photos will then be copied on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

    The project funding ?

    > Travels 40 000€

    International travels (planes) and local (taxis, bus, boat and plane planes for long distance trips within the studied countries).

    > Logistics 10 000€

    Tour de France Camping-Car, small logistical items.

    > Visas and vaccins : 15 000€

    > Equipement : 15 000€

    Cameras, photos, videos, storage…