Ibrahim Cissé

July 22, 2017

« During the war in Côte d’Ivoire, the « strongest » men were taken away against their will. To avoid this, I fled and found shelter for 2 months in a mosque where I deepened my knowledge and faith in Islam. Having the feeling that enemies would come for me soon, I took a boat and landed in Estonia, leaving behind my parents and my brother. My first three years in this country were very hard; I have was successively put in jail and refugee camps. Following that, I found a new home in the new Islamic Cultural Center, in which I currently live. Before I came here, the place was practically always closed leaving the worshippers without a place to pray. To me, Allah has given me the mission to open this mosque for everyone to come pray when they wished. During Ramadan, I wanted to support my mother but it turned out to be complicated because I did not have any income. I prayed 3 times in a row with a stranger and shared with him my wish to help my mother without asking anything from him. The last day, this man gave me an envelope that I didn’t dare open for 3 days… He never came back, and in this envelope I found 400 euros to which I added the 12 euros that I had saved and sent the whole to my mother in Ghana”.