Hooma & Jamye

February 21, 2018

Meet Hooma Multani and Jamye Breinburg, a Muslim- Jewish couple from the C alifornia, USA now living in Costa Rica and working on the creation of an eco-village in Villareal with United Religions Initiative.

Hooma was born to an Indian father, an African-American mother, and raised in the Islamic faith. A few years ago, she worked on a reservation in Northern California for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, studying Fire Ecology and analyzing the traditional uses of Native Americans. Jamye, who had gotten cancer from living in a moldy house, was seeking new ways to create sustainable buildings. Passionate for sculpture and architecture, earth appeared to be the best answer to move forward in a more ecological and economical way. As he found interest in studying indigenous ways of building houses with mud, Jamye ended up working at the same reservation as Hooma… You can easily guess what happens next!

On their honeymoon around Latin America, they shared more than ever their will to work for a more sustainable and loving society. Their marriage is a symbol of this harmony they want to promote. Both of their families have been very supportive of their choice and feel like, though they have different cultures and faiths, their hearts are full just the same way.

Moving to Costa Rica felt like an evidence: no army, a sense of “pura vida” that the whole country embraces so well, and the feeling of being accepted wholeheartedly. Back in the USA, Hooma wore the hijab as a way to represent her community and fight back against stereotypes and prejudices occurring so wildly in the USA. However, on the beach or on her bicycle throughout her new Costarican home, Hooma’s hijab flew off a few times. As she reflected on it, she felt like God was telling her something new. Her choice of wearing the hijab in the USA suddenly did not have the same meaning here simply because she wasn’t facing any type of prejudice anymore. Feeling like she was “off duty” here, Hooma soon decided she would stop wearing it, without ever leaving her faith aside.

As of today, Jamye has achieved to build the very first house of the eco system village in which the family is now living! Our most charming couple has also committed to making sure their two daughters, their “jewslim” babies, as they call them, would never feel forced into either of their cultures but rather get a sense of universal morality. A heartwarming encounter that we know will be inspiring for many !