Father Marco

July 11, 2017

“During one year I assisted a young woman that wished to be baptized. A few months before her baptism, she died of a very sudden and violent cancer in the space of 2 months. During these 2 months of battling, I came to visit her very regularly. When she passed away, her father was left alone, without his daughter and his wife, who had also died 10 years prior. The father and I have since then built a very trusting relationship: at least once a month, I would come visit him in the North of Finland for juste a chat and supper. This man, of a certain age and agnostic, told me how much he would have wanted to have faith, like his daughter, in an after-life. Through my shared faith with his daughter, he was able to feed his hope to meet again with his wife and daughter. I really hope our encounters have appeased him in some way, and that he left this world in peace.”