Charles Skinner

February 21, 2018

Charles Skinner is Director of the « Center for Practicing Peace » at UPEACE. His goal is to give students the opportunity to live peace outside of the university curriculum. For that matter, Charles, at the top of his game, has many ideas up his sleeve! Boomerangs, hula-hoops, pens, ropes, and so many other tools to create peace-building games. The boomerang is definitely his favorite and in that sense, he is promoting a model not stranger at all to Coexister : the Boomerang Effect. If you spread and adopt an attitude of peace and respect towards others, you then create the conditions for other to spread it at their turn and have peace for all.

15 years ago, when Charles is offered a job in Minnesota, Christy accepts to come with him to this one condition: find shelter from the rough winters under the tropical sun. Moved by Costa Rica, this little peace haven in the Caribbean, they decide fly away every year to the Monteverde region where they meet with the Quacker community. After a few years, Christy gets to know the University for Peace. Without further notice, she offers her skills as career counselor to the students of the university… free. Amazed by Christy’s devotion, the school decided to hire her full time. A whole new life opens its arms.

Time has flown since then, but the happiness and joy of transmitting and receiving so much from their students is still intact. Like it wasn’t enough, Charles decided he wouldn’t be paid anymore in order to help the University whose only fund resource is private donation. Their kindness and devotion, the inspiration they spread around them: Christy and Charles are real models of humanity !