César Cavero

November 20, 2017

“As we were going with Sami to the Friday prayer at the only mosque-like place in Lima, we met Cesar for the very first time.

This 19-year-old student at Universita Peruviana Catholica (UPC), carries out a photo-journalism project on the Muslim community of Lima “I want to take them out of these walls, I want people to get to know them”. Cesar was brought up in a Catholic family in which he was given the freedom to choose his beliefs. For a few years now, he considers himself as a deist, rejecting institutional forms of beliefs but keeping faith in the existence of one god. Well aware of the very small diversity there is in Peru, he still wants to make this small minorities visible to everyone.

For Cesar, this is his way of contributing against stereotypes and prejudices to build a comforting society by making sure everyone feels good in its own identity. Cesar has been following the Muslim community of Lima, getting to learn more about them every day, and feeling the urge to tell more about them through the photograph exhibition he will organize in his University. As he identified to our project’s vision, he accepted right away to grand us an interview yet asking in return if he could do the same to share our views in his University newspaper.

Cesar’s kindness, his appetite to learn more about everyone will to make them feel safe, have us believing that this little dude will go far, whatever he decides to do in life! Good luck to you Cesar!”